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By Diana V. on 13 June 2022 :

Product rated : Rêvka...mon océan - parfum For many years i use this...

By Silje H. on 24 May 2022 :

Product rated : Orchidée Love the perfume!

By Henriette N. on 22 Nov. 2021 :

Product rated : MONOI ÉMERAUDES Service fantastique et...
Private collection Lady Wood's extreme essences

Private collection Lady Wood's extreme essences

I recognize her without having seen her, just by breathing her scent ...

Family heir to the entrepreneurial spirit, we wanted to create in Paris with the help of our in-house perfumers located in Grasse, a private luxury collection, rare and prestigious for a refined clientele who like to perfume themselves differently ... let you discover it ...

To my parents
Rachel & Victor Wood


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